You know what I love?

Sweaters and Febreze! Now I know that seems like a funny combination, but as I type this it is a chilly 67 degrees, the wind is blowing and it is raining sideways. Sideways, people! But chilly! I may get to wear some of my sweaters this year. Those sweaters have been sitting folded neatly in my closet for the past several years because it has been too hot to wear them except for a couple of weeks in the dead of winter. Seriously, it hasn’t been cold here since … Katrina. I’m excited!

I have no intention of washing them all in preparation, just in case I end up disappointed. Instead, I am going to use the new Febreze fabric and air freshener. That way my closet will smell good if I end up just refolding them all and shelving them for another year.

IMG 1042

And no, that’s not all my sweaters. It’s just all I could fit in one picture. I told you I have a sweater issue. But did you catch that part about making the closet smell good? yeah, the new Febreze is also an air freshener! I tried the Lavender Vanilla and Comfort, and it was yummy. Which is nice, Because if I have my way about it, that will be my signature scent for a couple of months this year 😉