Would you, could you buy Cartier?

Let’s talk about some names that stop traffic. You know the kind they drop in the movies so theeaudience learns that the character has insane amounts of money, impeccable taste and oodles of class?? Names lke Tiffany’s, Cartier, and my favorite, Louboutin. Oh that last one isn’t in there? Well, it should be. But let’s just back away from the shoes so nobody gets hurt, mostly me, and get back to the baubles.

10451If I were to decide to buy cartier it would probably be the Pasha watch shown at the right. That pink dial just gets me, and I do like the look and feel of stainless steel for the band. And plus, it’s water resistant to 100 meters, so when I forget and plunge my hand into hot sudsy water because I need to clean something, it wouldn’t die. You don’t even want to know how many watches I have killed that way! So tell me, which of these Cartier watches is your favorite, and why?

When you choose a watch, do you prefer form or function, or are they equally important to you? Do you think of a watch as an heirloom? I know that my grandparents probably didn’t think of them that way, but their watches are among my most treasured possessions: I have them displayed in my kitchen, so I see them each time I go in there. I still remember how those watches looked on their wrists. Isn’t it funny what the mind holds on to?