Little Goal Catch Up Postie Thing

Well, then, it appears that it might be time to bring ya’ll up to date on some of the goals I have set for myself. I have good news and bad news.
Weight first. Last week, you may recall that I said nothing about my weight. That is because I was too embarrassed to say that I had gained a pound. And also, because I remembered telling you all the send someone to paddle me if I didn’t stick to the plan I set up. Well, I knew I had gained because of the Orlando trip, and when I got home, I didn’t quite stick to the plan. Oops. This week, however I am back on track, and I’ve lost 1.2 pounds from last week. My new weight is 153.6. When I started on September 5th, it was 153.8. So yeah, a whole month, and I’m basically the same. Yay me. Or not, but whatever, there it is. This week I lost weight.

Magazine and other reading second. I committed to reading one magazine per practice day not too long ago, and that worked for me for a while. Then, I started walking with a friend during practices, then the sun started setting earlier, and then I got a butt load of knitting and cooking books to review over at Cass Knits! and well….this is what my read it pile looks like now:

IMG 1090

Plus the ones in the basket in my room. Yeah, so obviously, the thing about one per practice day is not going to cut it, and I am going to be forced to take drastic measures here. I am going to be forced to commit to reading every day. For an hour. See, here is the problem: I love love love to read. The drive to read is second only to the drive to create for me. And so I see both reading and creating as rewards. I only do them if I have everything else done. And as many times as I have told myself I should be nicer to me, it isn’t happening, at least not in regards to the creating and reading. So right this minute, I am going to my Google calendar, and I am typing in read for an hour, and setting it to “daily”. The crafting, I’ll deal with after football season, when I will once again take Saturdays to feed the muse.

Wooden spanking paddle
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K. So that’s where I am in these two areas and a roadmap for how to get where I want to be. If I don’t keep my goals this time, instead of sending someone, feel free to come yourself.

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