Weekly Goal Report 10/10/2008

So, I made it. here I am for the second week in a row to let you know about the progress I have made on my goals. Yay! I guess that means that telling you about my goals is now a goal. HA!

On the weight front: minus one pound to 152.6. I was hoping for more than this since I know I burned about 10,000 calories mowing the yards this week. But, I also ate fast food Saturday and had a family reunion on Sunday, and treated myself to this after I finished the yards:

IMG 1122

It was a real rough day. And the fun didn’t end there, because on Wednesday morning, dh called his boss and quit his job. That’s a mixed bag, since it was costing so much in gas for him to continue driving all over the place, but… *gulp* he quit his job. You can expect me to be talking about new financial goals next week, I guess.

And on reading, not so great. I did take three items off the pile, but I added about five. I did not meet my goal of one item off the pile per day, but it was indeed a crazy week. I went over to Mama’s on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until 9 beading, and then I went back on Thursday morning and stayed until 9pm again. I got a lot of pieces made, but I didn’t have the mental energy needed to read after that. I may need some accountability help in that regard, ya think? Although, I am not holding the lack of reading against myself considering what I got done. Also, you should totally check out my awesome handmade jewelry. It’s gorgeous, and I need money. HA!