Self Portrait Sunday 10/12/2008


IMG 1121

Here’s what I looked like about halfway through mowing my yardS this week. This led directly to the wine and icecream shot I showed you earlier in the week. I can finally move without hurting again, though I still have bruises on my palms. I’m saving this shot for when I get over being mad.

On a different note, I remind myself of Grandma in this picture. I’ve noticed that a few times in photos, usually those taken when I am under great stress, either physical or emotional. I guess blood really does tell, because I don’t think I look like her under normal circumstances. But then, what is normal? And also, why couldn’t I have had some of her amazing height, too? Or maybe even just get taller under duress? It could be my secret super power.

4 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday 10/12/2008

  1. You look like you got some sun! Mowing the lawn is no easy task — we have several acres so it takes me a few hours to get the job done.

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