Maternity? No! It’s all about ME!

So, I started to write a post here about maternity and the sacrifices and choices we make, and you know what? It turned into a post that should be on my parenting blog, so that’s where I am putting it. Tomorrow, LOL. I went on and on and on about how we ought to pay attention to ourselves, and not give over everything that makes us who we are to our children. So, since that kinda left me sad, I thought I would write here about some of the things that I used to do before kids, or at least before eight kids, and how I plan to go about reclaiming some of that stuff that makes me who I was am.

First off, I used to read. Now, last Friday, I posted my new revised schedule. It’s a loose schedule, and I didn’t come right out and say it, but reading time is built into it by default. Remember that part about moving away from the computer and not coming back until at least 8pm? There will be time to read in there. In fact, I plan to start One Fifth Avenue today. While some of you younger mothers are looking for Japanese Weekend Maternity, I’ll be shopping for books. Mostly on my shelves and at the library, because LORD KNOWS, I have neglected reading for so long that I have at least a 10 year backlog of stuff to read. I don’t need the latest best seller, the one from back in the day will suffice.

I also stopped scrap booking, because I couldn’t leave it long enough to pee without someone getting into it. I’m thinking I could plan spreads, put them in a file box, and then go to the library for a couple hours on Saturday to put them together. The good news is that now that I no longer have to shop for Ingrid and Isabel, I can afford to have my pictures printed again. Especially since my weight isn’t budging and I am not needing the smaller clothes I was really hoping to need šŸ˜•

Another thing I quit doing was singing. That’s over, too. See, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it until that talent show I got coerced into. That multi-headed serpent isn’t going back into it’s box so easily as I might have hoped. No, who am I kidding? I’m loving it. I sang all night Friday (and I do mean all night–it was a youth lock-in, remember?) and then I sang again for an hour last night after baptism. This video from Sunday afternoon is a direct result of my screeching out on the National Anthem at 6am on Saturday. I simply could not allow that to remain un-corrected.

And also, I picked up my old guitar, which I last touched 24 years ago. It’s been at Mama’s house, in my old closet (along with old love letters and my bridal bouquet). It needs new strings, and a new saddle, but I think that’s doable. I have forgotten everything I knew, but I’m giving myself two weeks to be able to pick out a simple tune. Very simple—I only have five strings currently, LOL. I’m planning to rectify that as soon as I can get to a music store. Like right after I hit publish. See, no longer needing stylish maternity wear has it’s benefits, doesn’t it?

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  1. Nice voice! Keep the music alive. Get that guitar fixed and keep singing. It’s one way I keep the stress in my live to a minimum. Music is the best form of relaxation. Good post! -M

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