Tackle it Tuesday

Ok, ya’ll. Despite abysmal customer service where they told me they didn’t have what I needed, and I should bring my guitar in for repair, until I walked by the container of saddle blanks and said “oh, can you find one of these shaped like this“, and the little boy said “oh, yes”……….. I managed to pick up the stuff I needed to repair my guitar. And also a pretty healthy lust for a new pink Alvarez. Here’s the pictorial proof:

IMG 0106

I’ve already been playing it, so I’d call this a worthy tackle.

6 thoughts on “Tackle it Tuesday

  1. Did you go to a big box music store? I’ve never had a happy experience at Sam Ash or Guitar Center. Any time I go there I’m treated like an ignorant leper for asking any question.

  2. You were looking for a saddle blank? I always make drawings or pencil rubbings when I am looking for replacement parts for stuff.

    Right now I am living in a country where most people aren’t fluent in English. My French is even worse and my Arabic is non-existent, so I so a lot of pointing in shops.

  3. Martin, I had the old one with me. They knew what I needed, they just wanted to make the money on the repair if I brought the guitar in. It really made me angry, and I will be speaking to the manager when I go back. And I will most likely be going back for that sweet pink guitar, eventually.

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