One of those days and goals

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Do you ever have one of those days where you run all day long, things get done, and still you find yourself sitting down at roughly 7pm with your whole to do list still to do? Yeah, it happens to you, too? Seriously?

This morning, I got up, made my grocery list and headed out to the stores by 9am. I ran into Mama at the first store I went to, and we discussed her plans to go do some stuff this afternoon, but I was pretty sure I would not be done in time to go with her. I hustled up, though, and was back home by 11. Folks, I have just become an early shopper. It usually takes me at least TWICE that long to get our shopping done!

So, I did end up going with her. She delivered a beading order and we shopped for more beads and then I came home and cooked supper. And then the kids and I cleaned for an hour, and then I sat down to begin my day with Bible reading. Yep, even after supper. If I don’t do it when I first sit down, I don’t do it. And then I practiced guitar a bit, and then I started working.

You know, I know some people like to emblazon their logo on promotional pens, and that’s great. I even have a few with my CassKnits! brand on them. However, on days like this, I think a 24 hour clock with my name scrawled across it might make a better gimme. I’m tired.

Ok, the goal report: nothing exciting. I’ve neither gained nor lost weight and I even forgot to weigh until this evening. As for reading, I’m trying. I really am, and I have even been successful a couple of times this week. I’m having a hard time focusing on the book though. That is just odd for me, that reading would be difficult. The words aren’t hard, but making myself settle into the story, that’s taking a little effort. Not a lot, mind you, but enough that I am reminded that reading is sometimes a discipline. Hopefully, I will soon move past that, and it will be pure pleasure again.

I’m muddling my message, I can tell. What I am trying to say…. reading used to be like breathing for me. Now it is like ..not even exercise, but…it requires a bit of my attention to do it. I used to just fall in to the pool of words and swim away, but now….I’m having to convince myself it’s okay to get wet, okay to take this back for myself.

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One thought on “One of those days and goals

  1. Reading used to be a pleasure for me …. now because I see it all around me …. at work … on the net …. I seem to do more functional reading now rather than recreational reading these days!

    Anyways, …. nice blog …. 🙂

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