So, lemee ask you

Lately, *cough*, I’ve been dealing with some joint pain. The cough was so you don’t ask me exactly what I mean by lately, LOL, but it’s years. My fingers hurt, and my toes, and I can adapt, I guess, even as the 12 year old inside me stomps her foot, shakes her ponytail and says, “no way!”, but what’s really been dragging me down is shoulder pain.

Now, I typically sleep on my stomach, which means my shoulders are up over my head, and the joints are stressed. I’ve had to alter that, of course, because, really, who can sleep with the little gnome with a pickax in the ball joint of their shoulder? Not me! But, man, that is the best sleep. Sleeping like that, for me, it’s like those few minutes after the alarm goes off, all night long. That good.

So, I’m after suggestions. Mama swears by Osteo-Flex at $40 a bottle *gulp*. Daddy has been wearing one of those magnetic bracelets for years and since he keeps wearing it, it must work for him. But I want to know what some of you do. And you can all quit looking at me askance. Not all of you are young and fresh anymore. We can be honest with one another. Just go ahead and fess up– how do you keep your groove on, when it hurts to move?

3 thoughts on “So, lemee ask you

  1. So, I seriously injured my back in June… two ruptured discs. But when they did the MRI, they found at the age of 39, some serious arthritis. Lower back, hip, right knee. Personally, I think that is only part of the larger picture and am convinced I have fibromyalgia… but anyway… I take an RX medication called Mobic that is seriously cheap (on the $4 Walmart Generic list) with a heavier duty narcotic rx on really bad days.

    Over the counter or more natural remedies? I can’t help… I’m past that point, and aggressively trying to stay off the operating table.

  2. i have sleep apnea and used to wake up sore every morning. However, ever since I got my cpap sleep machine, I sleep through the night without tossing and turning. You would be surprised to know how damage much tossing and turning can do to your body

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