That was my weight this morning. I guess stress is almost as effective as Fenphedra
when it comes to weight loss. I’m not real thrilled with the cause, but as long as I have been wanting to lose the weight, I’ll take it. I mean, I have been dieting since January, but suddenly, I am just..not very hungry, and the weight is just …going. Odd. Maybe that whole “computers put your brain and metabolism to sleep” stuff is true, LOL!

While I am here, and by here I happen to mean the library, let me tell you what else is going on with my goals and aspirations. Doesn’t that sound so …. BIG? Haha! Anyway, I’m still reading, and this time it’s the third Harry Potter. I’m churning through a custom knitting order, and I’m singing. That’s right! In fact, I have a practice tonight that will probably lead to singing in church Sunday.

And speaking of church, I sure had a blessing yesterday. Someone said something to me Sunday when I was buzzing around doing 47 different things to get ready for 62 more, and I missed that thing. Mama happened to hear it and she repeated it to me yesterday. I’m a blessing, apparently. Does it seem odd to you that being called a blessing would be a blessing to me? Well, it is. As you know, I am in a very discouraging time right now. Even in the midst of that, though, I am attempting to keep on doing what I know needs to be done. And you know how sometimes it seems like no one notices what you do? Well now I know someone notices.

And speaking of library, let me apologize for the way my blog looks in whatever version of Internet Explorer I am using here. Blech! I’ll look into it when I have my system back. Also, please forgive any typos. My FireFox catches those, but IE does not.

Ok, I think I have rambled long enough here, don’t you?