Self Portrait Sunday 11/23/2008

Woohoo, I remembered Self Portrait Sunday, even if I do have to post it early. Early is better than the never I did last week, right? I know ya’ll cruise by here looking for my face! It’s like the digital signage for the blog, right?
pic112208 1

I also finally remembered that I have an utterz account. Ok, it’s now and utterli account, and I canj use it to post to this blog. Haha, you do not evenwant to know how many times I flipped right by “blog” on my contacts list before I remembered wha that was for!! Anyway, I visited the site and reset it all up, so we’ll see what happens with that. I do remember that the last time I used it, it broe my template all to poo, so I’ll be testing it where I can see what happens before I trust it completely.

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