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Quantum of Solace
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So, did I tell you that I went to the movies the other day? Oh yes, I did. I saw Quantum of Solace 3 and a half times! It was good the first 2.5 times, and then I just sat watching Daniel Craig prancing around in those tailored clothes. Lord have mercy.

Anyway, I was there doing a blind check of the patrons, and I was thinking how much better one those tally counters would be, as opposed to the little tick-marks CTR 101 ImageCI was making on paper. That wasn’t very, umm, subtle, was it? I was surprised to see these today when I searched for industrial knobs at Reid Supply. They don’t look very knob-like, do they?

Back to the movie: Craig makes a very convincing Bond. He’s not as slick as Pierce Brosnan and not as sold as cold as Connery. The ladies are plentiful and lovely, and the movie is edge of the seat after the first idyllic 15 seconds. I’m wishing after reading the review I linked above that I had seen Casino Royale.

I’m hoping to get a few more of these count-people-at-the-movies assignments. Days spent in the quiet dark, just knitting and watching are mighty appealing just now.

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One thought on “Bond, James Bond

  1. How do you get a count-people-at-the-movies gig? I want to go count people. 🙂

    I saw a James Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan and that was enough to turn me off of James Bond. But a friend convinced me to see Quantum of Solace and I really enjoyed it. So I had to watch Casino Royale after that. But really only because it was free on Showtime on demand.

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