Why don’t they call?

Ok, can I be the only person in America who thinks that a doctor ought to call immediately with the results of a cat scan? When it’s done on someone’s head? This is the third day, and while I can overlook Saturday evening.

And Sunday.

Surely there was a spare five minutes yesterday to call and say “there ain’t nothing wrong with you that a good butt whoopin’ won’t fix” or “you need to come into the office so we can discuss this”. Seriously, wth, yk?

And in other news: knitting, reading, beading, worrying. That is all. Tomorrow night, music practice: my own version of term life insurance, because is allows me to forget for two or three hours what my life is really like just now. Not that I am bitter. Or confused. Or angry. Or even ready for the doctor to call already, and deliver his sentence, which will also be mine.

3 thoughts on “Why don’t they call?

  1. I’m sorry the Dr still hasn’t called. I am sorry for the second job loss also. I had no idea until I read that on this blog today. Try to keep your spirits up. Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  2. I learned my doctor’s office doesn’t call people with results until after 4 p.m. That burns me because if they have the results earlier, I would like to know earlier. And if there is something I need to do, like get information from another doctor or get another appointment somewhere, I would like to do it that day, not the next business day.

    Sorry. small rant there. Hope you get your information soon, and it is good news.

  3. when i was quite young i had a bit of a stroke (something where the blood went out of part of my brain for a bit; i forget what it’s called; this was a long time ago) and had to have an MRI. When i got out of the machine the doctors were gone and so I talked to the tech guy.

    “so what did the doctors say?”, i asked nervously.
    “oh, uh, nothing, they just said “hmmm…. interesting” and then left”.
    “REALLY?” i answered fearfully. then he let me look at the scans (never look at any of your own scans without a dr. around!….).
    after orientating myself as to what part of my head the different scans represented, i saw a black mark that was exactly where my head had started to hurt when i had my “episode”.
    later i got a call from my GP telling me that i needed to see the neurologist right away! (she would tell me nothing else). but of course the soonest appointment was a week later.
    so….i spent a week or so ASSUMING that i had a brain tumor, but when i finally got in to see this Neurologist, he just explained that i had this thing, and that it would probably go away on it’s own.
    now: wouldn’t it have been nice to simply get a phone call about this in order to avoid a week of hell? i wouldn’t have needed all the details.

    so, yes, i agree with you whole-heartedly. you hear a lot of talk about “bedside manner” but what about “phone-side manner”?

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