No news is…

infuriating. That’s what. It’s not good news, it’s just another reason to obsess.

Yesterday, we signed a release to get his old cat report sent to the doctor. And the radiologists was informed that the scans he wants to compare to these new ones are there in the hospital. And now we wait some more. With my unemployed husband, whom I am delaying being furious with until I find out if he has a bomb in his head again or not. No, rephrase. Pausing. I am pausing, not delaying.

In other news, I apparently look like I am about to throw up when I sing. Guess I need to work on that. Urp. It just makes me so darn nervous.

One thought on “No news is…

  1. I was so hoping that you had had news by now. How frustrating! I’m keeping you all close to my heart and hoping for good, good, good news soon!

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