Self Portrait Sunday 12/21/2008



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Here I am in my living room last night. I had two extra teen girls for the night, and as you can see, they are concentrating really hard on figuring out conversion rate optimization. Okay, I lie. They are playing Rock Band, which one of the girls brought over. That’s my daughter, Country behind me in the blue and GuitarGuy’s daughter beside her in the pink.

As for my husband, I guess I have left you hanging, and that is mostly because I have no idea what is happening. I thought he was better, but now I am pretty sure he is not. I have to work tomorrow, but on Tuesday, I’ll be calling his doc back.

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  2. Rock Band sounds like fun! I know how much noise teenage girls can make though, having recently been one myself. But then with 8 kids, I’m guessing you’re pretty used to a higher level of noise.

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