Crikey, that’s cold

So, let’s talk about the weather for a few minutes. So far this year, it has been cold for three days: November 1st, December 6th and December 13th. Otherwise, it has been fairly warm, and occasionally hot. In fact, I had to turn the house fans on yesterday. If you have been following along, you will note that those three cold days correspond with the three craft shows Mama and I have done, but that is a story for another day.

Tonight, we have a different forecast. We have a forecast that can best be described as bitter. It’s supposed to be in the 20s tonight and tomorrow night! That is freezing for here. Well, 29 is freezing anywhere, I know, but I mean it is really cold for here, colder than we normally get. Cold enough to make me think about a tank, a silk undershirt, a turtle neck, a sweater AND a couple of berghaus fleeces. If that seems over much, bear in mind that I wore a silk undershirt, a turtleneck and two sweaters for that last show when it was 40. Plus a scarf. And a hat. Yes sir, my favorite temperature is warm, thanks for asking. I’m not quite sure how I ever survived Colorado and Kansas, LOL!

You know what else? I very rarely have to go out. But you know what? Tomorrow is one of those mandatory out days. Yay me! I’m off to blind check Seven Pounds. It better be a darn good movie!

3 thoughts on “Crikey, that’s cold

  1. You are right how temperature is different based on what you are used to. It just warmed up here in Calgary for a day or two and it’s much nicer now. It’s only -25C (-13F), what a nice relief!

    It’s actually been ridiculously cold here for a couple weeks so this warm spell will be enjoyed by everyone…

    BTW: I really like how you theme has the handwritten headings and sections.

  2. Yes, winter this year seems to be incredibly cruel! My friends were stranded at JFK for almost 24 hours because of the snow and others who had to fly through Chicago were redirected to Detroit or Cleveland because of the snow, the wind and the freezing temperatures. But at least we all had a white Christmas (well, here up North)

  3. I’m so glad I don’t have to brave those temperatures, here in England it only gets as low as about -5C and that’s cold enough for me. I just wish it would either be really cold i.e lots of thick snow or really hot but most of the time we just get rain.

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