Cross-section of a Pascal celery stalk.
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So. Cough. First there was the stress arguing with my husband all the time and worrying about paying the bills and the kids needing stuff, and so I wasn’t eating and I lost several pounds, and man, that was a neat side effect, right? And then, we realized his shunt was most likely backing up and so I was a bit relieved because that is at least a devil I know as opposed to one that I don’t, and so I relaxed a bit, and I might have eaten. I might have eaten too much, even. In fact, I might have regained the weight I had lost when I was stressed, and a couple of pounds besides, and now, I am finding it more and more difficult to rein in the eating.

In fact, I am seriously considering weight loss pills for the first time ever. That or celery. I hate celery, the strings get caught in my teeth.

Maybe I can some how get stressed again. Given the way my life has been lately, that is a very real possibility.

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