Slow as molasses tonight!

Daggone, the internet is so slow here tonight! Don’t the minions know that I have things to do???!!?? Posts to write, feeds to read, links to leave? But every page is taking forever to load. I’m supposed to be researching web hosting choices and … pfffft nothing! I’m timing out before I can get all the graphics to load! Of course, I guess there are worse things to do than review a site based only on the information it provides, as opposed to how pretty it is, right? Right??

The web hosting review guide lists the internet’s top site hosts, along with their prices and how much space and bandwidth they offer. You’ll also find out how their up times compare. If you run any type of website where you try to make a buck, you need to know that up time is a major factor in your success or failure. In fact, I almost left a host because of the amount of downtime my blogs had. For awhile, my blogs were down for at least a few minutes per day. It got to the point that I was exchanging heated email with tech support, and then, woohoo, the situation resolved. Boy was I glad, because I really have no idea how to pack up and move a blog, LOL. But I was totally going to learn, oh yes I was!

Now, I have to note that my host is not listed as one of the top 10 web hosts. Perhaps their old reputation still sticks, eh?