Self Portrait Sunday 12/28/2008

So, here we are, on the last Sunday of the year. I guess for the next few days, it will be time to take stock and make plans for the new year. I don’t plan to make a hefty list of resolutions, but I do plan to make some goals as I have for the past several years. Mine won’t involve insurance rates and other financial matters. After what has happened recently “tread water and do not drown” about sums up my options, and I just don’t want to make that part of a list of things to work on, yk?

I took this photo before church this morning.
IMG 0401

3 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday 12/28/2008

  1. I’m kind of the opposite… I’m making financial goals, and not much else. But my finances are basically me, myself and I so it’s something I can focus on by myself. One benefit of being single, I suppose. Remind me of that in a few days when I’m whining about not having someone to kiss at midnight, k? ๐Ÿ™‚

    You look beautiful, as usual, my dear!

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