From my head to my toes

Lately, I have decided I like being a wee bit taller. Apparently, I have a more “confident stride”. And also, women scowl and men snap their necks as I walk by, though I doubt the veracity of that latter bit. Anyway, I’ve begun to wear heels more often. As in daily. Sometimes with cute socks, instead of knee highs. Even with jeans. I thought you might get a kick out of today’s look:
IMG 0404

And this weekend, I read Bobbi Brown’s Make-up Manual. I’ve also decided that once I can leave my husband for more than hours, I am going to treat myself to a makeover at the mall. Because… I can. She recommends doing that now and again to learn about new products and techniques. I did my makeup today as she recommends, or at least as close as I can remember, having returned the book to the library yesterday. It’s the first time I have actually lined all the way around my eyes. Whaddya think?
IMG 0406

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4 thoughts on “From my head to my toes

  1. Cute shoes! I used to be known for wearing high heels all the time. No matter where I was going or what I was doing. In the past few years, I’ve completely switched over to flats. Guess I’ve just turned into a fuddy duddy as I’ve gotten older. Haha.

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