Self Portrait Sunday 1/4/2009


Welcome to another year of SPS. I am so glad you could joined us! As promised, here is the picture I took of my dad and I yesterday. It’s actually the first shot, which turned out much better than either of us thought.


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7 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday 1/4/2009

  1. I’m impressed. I do well to manage to grab a picture of myself, much less with someone else… especially when that someone else is that much taller!!

    Woohoo for another year of SPS. Two full years behind us now, can you believe it?

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  3. Would it be out of line or make you uncomfortable if I were to tell you that I have no resistance when it comes to men with beards? Your dad is one sexy dude! Not that I would make any moves on him, you know, him being your dad and married to your sweet mom, but just thought I should tell you! :mrgreen:

    Here’s my first SPS for 2009. Two years? Really? Wow!

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