Catching up on Project 365

Day 4 Bye Bye Christmas
Bye Bye Christmas
Saturday, we took down the decorations, and yesterday, most of them got taken back to the shed. The tree did not go out until today, because I was toying with the idea of buying a new box for it. I decided that was something I could choose NOT to buy, and so I did.

Day 5 The Princess Life
The Princess Life
Here is Drama doing what I would love to be doing– piled up on my bed, surrounded by fluffy pillows, eating dark chocolate covered cherries. Only, I didn’t let her eat any, I only allowed her to hold the boxes. Muhahahahaha. This is what I bought instead of a tree box, and for only 25 cents a box. I bought all the dark chocolate ones I could find, and when I got home, dh informed me that he likes chocolate covered cherries as well. I may buy him some milk chocolate ones if they have any left when I go back to Wal-Mart, but he can’t have these: they are mine.

Also, today, I told me bff I’d make her a wreath if I had the balls. We snickered. Sometimes, it’s nice to be juvenile.

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  1. We have taken down our lights but still have our trees up. It is fun to put up decorations but it stinks to have to put them down.

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