Watch it now!

Talk about falling off the face of the earth, huh? It’s a horribly long and wrong story that I do not even wish to get into tonight. Not even. Instead, I want to talk about watches.

orient 26944Instead, I want to talk about the Orient watches at Kenmar Watches. You know I picked this one because it is pink, right? Yes, that is too pink. It’s a magenta-ish dark pink. Isn’t it gorgeous? For a man’s watch, I mean?

If that doesn’t appeal, Kenmar has plenty more. Did you know New Balance makes watches? Me either, I thought they just did shoes! The most fun thing about Kenmar watches, though, is the search feature, because you can type “pink” in that search box (like I did), and you will get seventeen pages of results. Seventeen, people. Please excuse me, I have some, ummm, research to do. Like sixteen more pages worth!

And then I need to post some project 365 stuff. I actually took a picture of GuitarGuy yesterday, and he is practically panting to see himself on the internets. HA!