Day 11, Day 12

So, on Sunday, dh came home, and life kicked back into high gear. GuitarGuy and I had previously committed to a movie with the youth, and off we went. If you get a chance to see Fatal Flaw, do so. It is a life altering 25 minutes, I promise.

Day 11 Inside the theatre
Inside the Theatre

Day 12 A new CV joint
A new cv joint

Back in December, we had driven my van to take the youth caroling, and GuitarGuy said “what is that awful noise??!!??” When I told him what it was, he volunteered to fix it, and so on Monday, I spent the day hanging about in his garage freezing my bum off while he rolled around on the floor of same. Great fun. You just wish you were me, don’t you? He likes to pretend he’s all gruff and mean, but what kind of mean guy does something like that? Yeah, he’s about as ornery as the deer that will come to your yard when you plant Wildlife trees, which isn’t very, now is it?

Ok, there are two more photos to catch up, but I am done for now. A girl had to have something held back for tomorrow, right?

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