Day 14

Lunch with a friend at PT’s Grill, before I ran off to work the 6 Family Dollar stores.

PT cup

Sometimes, when life is totally out of control, and it sucks the joy out of you like a vacuum cleaner sucks dirt out of the carpet, there comes a bit of normalcy to put one spot of color back in the day. This lunch was like that.

And boy did I need it, because, people, I drove all over the city, trying to find these stores and that was very nerve wracking for me. I’m fairly surprised, in a good way, to find that I am enjoying these little jobs I do. I feel….competent, as I hear my heels click, click, click across the floor.

Click, click, click so those I am with can find me. Click, click, click announcing that I am here. I am not personless, not without value. Click, click, click. No longer silent.

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