Day 16

On the 16th, I saw Paul Blart Mall Cop. Six times. It was a day both peaceful and intense, difficult and fun. Sometimes I sits in the movies and watches and sometimes I sits in the movies and thinks. I realized on this day that often we choose the right thing because the wrong choice is too caustic to the soul. And also that sometimes the only reward for doing the right thing is the knowledge that you didn’t choose the wrong thing.

mall cop

The movie is funny and I give it a couple of thumbs up. Everyone should see it at least twice, ROFL! I understand you can download new movies from iTunes if your system memory will allow it.

2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. I’ve wanted to see that movie so bad! Good to hear it’s good. I completely agree with your thoughts during this movie. I know the wrong thing can be more effective and reap greater rewards for ones self but knowing how it would affect someone else deters us from making the wrong decision.

  2. Did you see the film 6 times in a row? That must have been a heck of an experience. I dont think I could see a film more than twice in one day an it would be tough for me to do that.

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