Day 21 Train

On the 21st, I got caught by the train, but let me start where I left off about the snow day. We got up after a four hour nap and went out to start the van, which began to suck amps like mad after making an audible POP when the cables were connected. Oops, again. And then there was that awful gasoline smell. That cold had caused one of the o-rings on the fuel injector to snap, and fuel was just spurting out. I had noticed a gas smell earlier in the week, the day I went to the movies, but laid it off to exhaust. I was rather thoroughly educated on the magnitude and potential consequences of this mistake by Guitar Guy, who by this time was more than sick of the sight of my van, I am SURE.

But, moving onward, we had one teen with school in the next town over, and so we hopped in his car to take her to town and him to the doc. And on the way….. the fuel pump in his car……failed. Yeah.

You know, really, I mostly lead a very boring life. Day to day, its the same-ol, same-ol. But lately…not so much. He called his dad to get that car towed. And we came back to Bittyburg. They set about fixing my van, and Guitar Guy asked me to take his mom on an errand and his son wanted to be dropped off to play with my boys, and so I drove yet another vehicle to do that. Least I could do, right?

So, the train thing. I took this shot as I was headed back to his house with his mom. I haven’t been stopped by a train for a long time, mostly because I don’t go very many places that require crossing the tracks. In fact, I had no idea there were so many train tracks in this town because most of them used to be outside of town until town grew. The trains now, they are graffiti-ed, and not with bad art, but with some talent. Several of the cars had pieces on them, and that is what I was trying to capture with this shot.

caught by the train

As you can plainly see, I missed.