Jan 22, Day 22


This is a test. Dont judge me if it doesn’t work, hahaha! Total fail! Just sayin’

On the 22nd I spent the morning with my mom, shopping for apple themed stuff for her kitchen. We had a good time as we always do, and I picked up some fruit themed coffee mugs.

This picture is of the display of Coca-Cola themed glasses. I have a wee thing for that and really don’t know why. But I’m an equal opportunity soda theme shopper: I like Pepsi themed merchandise, too.

So, utterli assures me they can match up my texts and my photos. I’ve send words and pictures together before and only the picture made it. I’ll send it sepearately and see what happens. One thing is certain: I absolutely must let the stories out again.

ETA: Utterli utterly failed. Nothing to do with cell towers, they just aren’t able to put my mess together for some reason.