January 23

new coffee cups

So, January 23rd was apparently an amazing day, and I took a picture of my new coffee cups. Actually, since it is now the middle of February, I have no recollection of January 23rd, and that is why I have started taking the pictures with my phone, writing the stories and emailing them to myself while they are relatively fresh.

Remember I mentioned a few days ago that the stories must come out? Sunday afternoon, my pastor asked me if I was still writing, and of course, I hadn’t been because I have no internet. Evidently it shows when I keep the words in, LOL, because the man did indeed offer me a notepad. I am “frayed around the edges”. Hmmph. The thing is, I don’t even have to write about the big hairy deal stuff in my life, I just have to write, period. Blogging as pensieve, go figure. Almost as good at protecting my sanity as wireless security systems are at protecting your peace of mind.