January 25


Some time ago, and I truly cannot remember how long it has been, God sent me a fleeting vision. In it, I was on the platform at church, singing, and GuitarGuy was to my right playing a red guitar, and I had such a feeling of perfect rightness in the moment. Now I know I have mentioned singing with him and Singing Boy before, but he is always on my left when the three of us sing together. And he didn’t have a red guitar at the time of the vision.

So anyway, I had been going to praise practice for several weeks and the timing just didn’t seem right for me to join in. My husband wasnt doing well and then I was traveling and then…well, I practiced with the praise team on the 21st. We weren’t even one full verse into the first song, when that feeling of rightness flooded over me. I looked to my right, and there, in the middle of the musicians, was GuitarGuy, playing that pretty red guitar. I knew then that I was answering a call God had put on my life.

As an aside, GuitarGuy no longer has that red guitar. It had a flaw in the finish and after a couple of aborted exchange efforts, he’s gifted himself with another wee upgrade, which is nice enough in it’s own way, even if it isn’t red.

This picture commemorates the first Sunday I sang on the praise team. When I snapped the pic, Singing Boy looked at me and asked if I was blogging. Oh, honey, you know it. My friends do know my passions, do they not?