February 7 Good Times

On February 7th, I had our youth over for a wee party. We had pizza and wings and music provided by Guitar Guy.

february 7

After Papa and Grandma died, my aunt and I were talking about the house they lived in. She mentioned that she wanted to build happy memories now in the house they lived in, and to have those good memories to move forward with. I heard her words, but my heart did not grasp what she was saying until this night.

Some pretty bad things had happened to her there in that house, see. Death and hurt and anger and pain. Sometimes, you need to replace all that. You need to apply fresh mental paint to a place. I did that to my room on this night, started building happy memories in a place that had very recently been painful. And when that started happening, I realized exactly what Aunt Lady meant.

She’s pretty darn smart, that gal.