February 18 Riding Free

So, I have mentioned before on this blog that I do love a motorcycle. I used to ride with my dad on his bike, and it is just such a …freedom. Wind blowing, seat vibrating, nothing but you and the road. And the back of your driver if you happen to be riding … on the back, LOL! Daddy quit driving a bike when I was in my late teens, and I have missed it ever since.

I rode with a friend not too long ago. I just realized today that it had been 20 years between rides. Funny, though, you don’t forget how to do it. Climb on, slide to the back rest. Hands on his sides, and nothing else matters. It’s still freedom. And if your question to me is ever, “do you want to ride”, and I trust you, my answer is ‘”yes”. You might as well ask me if I want to breathe.


So anyway, here is the helmet I used to wear. Mama threw it away right after I took this picture. It wasn’t roadworthy anymore, but….dang.