A little restrospective

So here I am again, posting from a computer in my house, with internet on and everything, How cool is that? Yeah, nifty. You may have noticed a lack of Project 365 posts lately. I’d been sending those from my phone to my gmail, and then auto publishing a batch of them when I could get to an internet connection. But then, in a unique twist of “no good deed goes unpunished” I poured coffee on my phone and fried it. I can’t get the remaining pictures off of it. SO they are gone, and I won’t be able to catch up. And I can live with that. As soon as I can find and recharge the batteries for my regular camera, we will recommence the Project pics. Oh yeah, did I mention I am in the process of a whole house re-do?

In the meantime, I did pull these next three photos off my phone a few weeks ago, and since I haven’t shared them yet, it seemed like a good time to do so. A little Cass through the ages.

me around 3

Here I am about three years old. It was right before Moses was born. If you get that joke…..good.

15 or 16 with Mama

Here I am at 15 or 16 with my Mama. We were just finalizing plans for the Red Sea crossing.

19 or 20

And at 19 or 20, I was clearly in charge. Moses was such a meek man, yk.

In other news, in case you were holding your breath, my husband moved out a week ago tomorrow. Life is both easier and more difficult than I thought it would be, but I am satisfied with my choice. I can breathe in my own home again, for the most part. He’s still here often, to see the kids. And I do want them to see him, so. Ok. That’s that, then.

Move on along to your car insurance Arizona quote or whatever. I’m moving back to my living room disaster area and the never ending laundry.

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