My feet hurt

Seriously. You people know that I am a sit on my butt kinda gal. Or at least I used to be. Not anymore. Oh no, I am a stand up woman now. I stand up all day. In fact, I stand up so much now, that I have learned a new thing. I have learned that shoes I shop for and buy after two days off do not fit my feet after a day of work. That’s right. My feet swell, and stay swollen!

And wearing heels? Not so much. I’ve traded in my every day heels for wedges, and I am seriously considering going to sneakers, like all my co-workers. I need the extra height, but….yeah, maybe not as much as I need to be able to stand up all day without crying, yk?

010I52340005 3So, you’d think I would give up the high heels, yes? No. I still wear them, and I still shop for them. And window shop for them, too. Although, I’ve ended up buying a few windows that way, LOL! Speaking of windows, look at these Alessandro Dell’Acqua sandals. See those clear pieces that run up the top of the foot? I missed those at first. I thought the shoes was held on by the straps, kinda like the old whalebone corsets. How cool would that be, if I’d been right? Shoes that just hang there on your foot, looking for all the world like they are held on by magic. I mean, those shoes look pretty magical anyway, if you ask me, and I guess that if I missed the clear pieces, others might, too, but my idea was still way cool. Someone should make a shoe like that.