Good Morning

Here I sit, early in the morning, blogging. That feels weird, LOL! Not used to being up quite this early, at least at a functional level. I thought I might share a picture and a story with you. Last Sunday night, our church had a baptism. Now, we don’t have a baptistry, and we practice full immersion, so we rent the YWCA pool every few months, and then we stay after and swim. The YWCA happens to be directly across from Krispy Kreme. Now, I love me some KK. When that hot sign is on, I could sit down with my own personal dozen, iykwim. Make them close. personal. friends. Love me some Krispy Kreme. Needless to say, I don’t go there very often, or I’d need a couple of moving trucks to haul my butt around. Just the butt, the rest of me would not fit, and I would have to make other arrangements.

Anyway, we came out of the Y after swimming last Sunday and the hot sign was on. We’d already planned to take the youth out for a snack, so…..

pic032909 6

This is what the doughnuts look like coming down the conveyor after being glazed. I stopped at two and a half, mostly because we ran out out of doughnuts I didn’t want to look like an absolute pig in front of my companions.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Hello Cass, just found your blog 😉 Have been searching the net for Christian mid-life stuff as I have a friend who is going through it now and I am almost there myself. I can’t get over the amount of donuts being produced there! All the best to you in your search. God bless you.

  2. Mmmmm….I think I’m drooling a bit. Way to be disciplining yourself to two and a half! Not sure I could do it.

    Baptisms and doughnuts – praise God for the Kingdom come!

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