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Self Portrait Sunday 04/05/2009

Well, if you looked at this post a few minutes ago, it looked alittle different. I took a picture with my phone and sent it and then realized I was sitting right neat to my real camera, AND it had batteries, so…. yay! A real picture! Sorry this is so late, but I was busy. I stayed at church from 9:45 this morning until 9:45 tonight, with a brief excursion to Wal-Mart. I wasn’t trying to generate life insurance leads, or anything like that. Tonight was our Passover Seder and the youth helped with the set-up. I worked hard for about an hour after church, and then I sat for awhile with Guitar Guy and we played/sang through his song book. We’ve done that a few times now, and it doesn’t get old. I’ve loved to sing all my life. It feels good to finally have a friend who is willing to play and make music with me.

Then we had the Seder and then we cleaned up, and now here I am, working. At quarter til ten on Sunday night. I’m thankful that there is work, though.
IMG 0740

Will you look at this?

paulj2011712397 prod medium v1 m56577569831482353. SX20 I found the perfect little dress to go with those strappy little shoes. And it’s only $700! Seriously, I do like the flowing femininity of this Paul & Joe dress, but I need more, umm, fabric. I am way too old and way too flabby to rock the flesh belt look. And umm, my thighs? They, uh, they, uh, they sorta extend past the tops of my kneecaps, iykwim. And if you are over 38, I know you do.

My friend Ang. mentioned the other day that she was itching to sew. I didn’t tell her at the time, but I am feeling the same urge. Maybe it is the fact that it’s spring, a time for new things. She didn’t know what she wanted to make, but I do. I want to make something for me, something soft and feminine. Something chiffon and flowing, perhaps with a self-sheath. Something light and gossamer that makes me feel like a butterfly. Something so lovely that where my thighs actually end doesn’t even cross my mind. Something so beautiful that it makes me feel beautiful to wear it. Only it has to cost a lot less than seven hundred bucks!

In other thoughts, a woman came through my line today at work, and she was buying shorts for her son. They happened to be plaid, and I love me some plaid pants, so I mentioned I might have to look at some for myself. And we got off discussing the current state of women’s fashions, and how most of the shorts are indecent, so that men’s shorts are a good alternative for gals who desire to maintain some level of modesty. She said that she had tried to explain to her daughter that the clothing designers were just not interested in helping her daughter “maintain her integrity”. That phrase really struck me. Maintain my integrity. That leads to a few other thoughts that I lack the mental capacity to fully iterate at this time, but I do want you to remind me that I was going to talk a little bit about sinning because we are sinners sometime in the next few days. When I can think a little better.

My feet hurt

Seriously. You people know that I am a sit on my butt kinda gal. Or at least I used to be. Not anymore. Oh no, I am a stand up woman now. I stand up all day. In fact, I stand up so much now, that I have learned a new thing. I have learned that shoes I shop for and buy after two days off do not fit my feet after a day of work. That’s right. My feet swell, and stay swollen!

And wearing heels? Not so much. I’ve traded in my every day heels for wedges, and I am seriously considering going to sneakers, like all my co-workers. I need the extra height, but….yeah, maybe not as much as I need to be able to stand up all day without crying, yk?

010I52340005 3So, you’d think I would give up the high heels, yes? No. I still wear them, and I still shop for them. And window shop for them, too. Although, I’ve ended up buying a few windows that way, LOL! Speaking of windows, look at these Alessandro Dell’Acqua sandals. See those clear pieces that run up the top of the foot? I missed those at first. I thought the shoes was held on by the straps, kinda like the old whalebone corsets. How cool would that be, if I’d been right? Shoes that just hang there on your foot, looking for all the world like they are held on by magic. I mean, those shoes look pretty magical anyway, if you ask me, and I guess that if I missed the clear pieces, others might, too, but my idea was still way cool. Someone should make a shoe like that.