Ready for Mother’s Day?

So, wow, it’s May already and next Sunday is Mother’s Day. My family is making plans already, and at work, the ladies’ clothes and flowers are just flying out the door. I’m not expecting a big to-do this year, really, though a little window shopping never hurts my feelings, LOL.

One thing I find a little irritating is how many stores are marketing kitchen ware and crock pots for Mother’s Day. Seriously, what’s up with that? Do you know how your mother got to be a mother? She started out as a GIRL. She probably still likes girly things, yk? Jewelry, bubble bath, all that sort of stuff.

s 3874Over at Gemz N Gold, they have the right idea. They are selling pretty baubles at good prices, and they are including this pretty red jewelry box with your purchase. Take it from this mom: if you are considering a vacuum or dishes, back up. Don’t do it. Give your mother a gift for herself, not a gift for the house. It’s not called House Day, after all, now is it?

2 thoughts on “Ready for Mother’s Day?

  1. I have a rule at my house…..don’t even think about giving me a gift with an electrical cord attached! Since we started dating, my husband (married almost 32 years), would give me things that had electrial cords (and I still married him anyway!). After years of marriage, I finally requested to stop doing this, and he really tries hard to keep this rule!

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