3 weeks and 2 days

Hmm, I don’t even have a title for this post. Mostly because I have no idea what I am going to say. There, I thought of a title. It will work, I suppose.

You know, one of my favorite things to say to my angsty friends is “take your happy where you find it”. I say that the Guitar Guy quite a bit and I also say it to Micheal and Jane. The thing is, we aren’t promised happiness at all. Joy, yes, happiness, no. Now, I believe that Christ came to give us life, and life more abundantly, but happiness, it is the gravy. Or the butter if you happen to be That One who dislikes gravy. How can anyone not like gravy? Seriously, the mind boggles. How am I supposed to serve the weiner schnitzel and he will not partake of the delectable sauce? Oops, got side tracked. The point I was making is that I am happy. And there is a peace in my life. There is so much more I want to say here, but that is as much as I can get out for now. The rest of the words are bottle necked in my mental throat, and only images are coming through.

Do you do that? Get so …full of thoughts and ideas that you aren’t using words to think anymore, but only images? And not like a slideshow, where one goes smoothly into another, but more like those little cartoon flip books, the ones where you use your thumb to control the flip rate, and the little pictures seem to move. That’s how I think sometimes, only the images aren’t necessarily connected to one another but are separate. And eventually, it resolves until only one image and one word remain. They go together, and then it is done and I can type again. Sometimes I can go back and replay the show and share with you what is on my heart and mind and sometimes I cannot and sometimes I choose not to do so.

Once upon a time, there was a girl…….. she didn’t take ephedra diet pills, but her mind still raced. And she chose not to finish the story today.