Too Full

That’s what my MP3 player told me last night. See, I finally tried to transfer all those nifty new downloads to it, and so I just selected them all and tried to pull them over. Un-uh. No way. I had to ick and choose, but in the end, I did manage to get most of them on it. Might be time for me to invest in one of those memory stick players. I like the small size, but it’s gonna have to be bigger than 2GB, which I guess is not so much after all, but it sure seemed like a gracious plenty when I bought the thing.

Gracious plenty. My Grandmother used to say that. I miss her.

In other news, I slept for crap last night and I’m really tired. It’s a great thing to be so close to people that you pick up their emotions. Really, it is. But it’s better when they are having a good day. Or at least when not all of them are having a bad day. Night. Whatever.

And also, if I am worried about you and you even mention you may call me back after you deal with the current bitter business on your plate??????? Please know that I will be on alert all night until I hear from you and that the kindest possible thing you could do for me would be to call no matter how late the hour. Because then I could actually go to sleep. Just sayin’.

Even if in the past “I’ll be waiting here” has meant “I’ll find some way to screw you over.” That wasn’t me.