Self Portrait Sunday 5/24/2009

Yep. someone touched the lens, but this was the best of the lot. I really need to look at the instruction book and figure this camera out!


This has been an interesting week. And I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. I’ve been watching a couple of my friends struggle with issues for which I have no answers. The one I truly have no advice for, and the other just wants time and space to settle things within themselves. It’s hard for me to just stand by and wait, I want to *do something*, because I do not like seeing those I care about hurt.

I did do some other things, though. My answer to big stress is hard work, so I mowed my yard and pulled out the matted grass tufts and planted flowers Friday night. The stargazer lilies we planted last week are blooming now. Aren’t they lovely?


I guess it’s time to go mow the backyard now, cause you know what today brought, right? Yep, more stress. Nothing like coming to see your ex walking out of your bedroom. Whattheheck, yk? And then there’s that other situation, the one that requires the waiting I hate. Yep, definitely time for yard work.

5 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday 5/24/2009

  1. I love flowers but I live in the apartment so that I do not have much space for flowers. To make the situation even worse, I heard a few days ago that the violet toxic to cats so I donated the nine flowerpot. These lilies are really beautiful.

  2. I took my own selfportait every day for a month, a couple of years ago. Weird and funny to look back at myself! Keep up the portraits!

  3. I love self-portraits. It’s always wonderful to see people, seeing themselves…through the camera.

  4. I love those lilies! I’d plant me some if I didn’t killl every plant I ever touch -lol- 😆 I have the black thumb of death!

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