Le Sigh

First off, let me offer an apology. I missed out SPS last Sunday for the first time in over 2 years of doing it. I left for Anson County around 7am and returned around 10:30 pm. It was a joyous day and I was so caught up in it that I forgot to snap and send a picture for you all. I have a good memory, but it’s not like computer memory: it doesn’t remember everything I enter. Moving on.

Today has been an exceedingly large day. I spent quite a bit of it catching up with Ang. I’ve been working 7 days a week lately and I have missed her. Yes, I said seven. I tried to get away with claiming only six on Sunday, and That One looked at me with one eyebrow raised, and I had to admit that he was right: it’s really been seven. Sigh. So.

I spent my day off at home today, being off. And then I got a phone call that pretty much gave me Sundays off for a least a while. At first I was quite bent, but I’ve since decided that it may be a good thing. Ain’t nothing catching God by surprise, and if there is one thing I have felt convicted about lately it is that I *never* take time to sit and be still with Him. Never. Cause I am always busy. Busy means “don’t have to deal”. You do see how handy that could be for someone in a major depression, right? Someone coping with great personal upheaval? Yes. Speaking of which.

Apparently retreating into my room and away from my family in order to be depressed alone isn’t working real well for them. Apparently, the time has now come to be real in front of them. Mary Poppins has bad days. Weeks. Years. Also.

I kicked the corner of the bathroom cabinet door right between the tendons on the front of my ankle. Oh my word, the pain. Cuss cuss.