Dear So and So

Here in lies a collection of things I want need to get off my chest.

Dear Customer, when I am assisting your wife in the store, don’t yell at her. It embarrasses us both and really makes me wonder if you are the cause of that split lip she has.

Dear Friend, when you use my computer and see I have tabs open for “PTSD from Domestic Abuse”, “Depression” and “Finding Help”, don’t raise your eyebrow and say “Really?!?” in that incredulous way. I match 90 percent of the listed symptoms, and we both know my behavior is not exactly normal. You can put on a tuxedo and I can put on The Clone’s old prom dress and we can dance and pretend to laugh, or you can be the rock for me you’ve always been. I’m choosing to give you the benefit of the doubt, because I think you were most likely blind-sided.

Dear Co-Worker, when you call me over to you and we have a little conversation, and then I walk away and your eyes are glued to my butt, I totally know you are staring.

Dear Different Friend, thanks for not thinking I am batchit crazy, even though we both know I am.

Dear Washing Machine, why don’t you run yourself once in a while? You’ve lived here two years now, you know where I keep your soap!

Dear Self, why don’t you stop being so busy and take the time to listen to your own head? Might do you a little bit of good.

Dear God, please help my other friend, the one I haven’t mentioned here so far.

Dear Grandmother, I got side-tracked driving yesterday and headed to your house. I still miss you.

Dear Blank-on-purpose, I’m glad you’ve started looking at me again.

Dear Grandma, thanks for teaching me to make a lemon pie from lemons and not a box. I don’t remember how to do it, but I had such a good time in your kitchen that day.

Dear Daddy, I would give anything if I had just kept you on the phone a little longer the day before you died. I am so very glad you called.

Dear Other Friend, please let me meet you where you are. I’ve got a flashlight and a map, and I am willing to help you out of that place you are in.