Self Portrait Sunday: Taking a Mental Health Day


This is an interesting picture of me, huh? All my lighting fixtures were off and I was just sitting in the glow of my laptop screen. I’m taking a mental health day today. I have some posts I need to write, and I have some jobs I need to do, and a schedule I need to make and I just woke up feeling like I wanted to stay in bed. Bleh. As son as I started writing, though, I felt better. Note to self: if you are a writer, you must write. Maybe even sometimes when you think you don’t feel like it.

Tina posted an article this week that really struck home with me. Like her, I have some big issues going on right now, and while I tend to be pretty open and honest on this blog, somethings I am just not ready to put out there. I probably will be able to later, once the lessons are learned and I have some sort of closure, but right now, I am still in that phase I described a few weeks ago, where the images are flashing through my mind and no words can get out. At least not words fit for public consumption.

I’ve actually been thinking about doing some journaling during this blogging dry season. It just seems weird to go back to pen and ink when the internet has been my medium for so long now. But I know that I definitely don’t like the places I go when I keep the stories in, so something has to give. Anyone know how to get digital images into a paper journal? Hahaha, I slay me!

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