Self Portrait Sunday 7/12/2009

I totally just typed 2007 up there! Geez, Louise. Here’s what I looked like just a few minutes ago:


I was sitting on my bed, chilling. I guess it has been so long since I posted that I ought to give you the week in review, huh?

Monday, I worked. Tuesday I worked, but I also went shopping. I got a new skirt and a shirt and a pair of gorgeous shoes. Not Danskos, but beautiful purple pumps. I have nothing to wear them with, and so this will necessitate yet more shopping. I’m going to claim to have planned it that way. Wednesday, I worked. Thursday, I worked. Friday, I worked. Saturday, I worked. Today I went to church, and this evening I will go to a church picnic with the kids. Next week, I’ll be repeating this cycle.

In between all the boring stuff, I managed to finish a book which I hope to get reviewed shortly, and I started two more. I also tore out and re-did my room, which I already discussed on my knitting blog. I had a couple of tough lessons in self-assertion that left me with knots in my stomach, a few fun phone calls, and I narrowly missed meeting a married man for coffee.

I mulled freshly remembered memories over in my mind, looking for clues to the woman I am today and I realized how very much I miss communicating volumes of words in one simple touch. Those last two are strictly unrelated.

3 thoughts on “Self Portrait Sunday 7/12/2009

  1. Sounds about like my week… work, work, work, work, work, shopping! Add to that a 1 year old’s birthday party so I could hijack my niece and put someone short and chubby in my SPS with me. 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how fast shopping lifts my spirits. The only problem is that when I get the bills, they drop all over again!

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