My Wall of Happy

Last January, when I saw Aunt Lady, she told me a story of a man who had been a good friend to her and taught her very valuable things. I think she said he was a professional counselor and also a cousin. One of the things he told her was to find a picture of herself when she was young and happy, and to put it in a place where she would see it every day and to remind herself that it was her job to protect that little girl. I can hear her voice now, so soft, telling the story of her friend. He died quite suddenly, and the conversation stuck with me, maybe because it is one of the few conversations we have had lately that did not end with huge belly laughs from the two of us and the assembled audience. Unlike the one about panties and banana hammocks that occurred the last time we were together šŸ˜‰ Love you, Aunt Lady!

Anyway, I’ve carried that talk with me for several months now. As you know, it has been a difficult time lately, and I am frequently discouraged and need a little…..perking up. So last week, I built my own wall of happy. Now, the stuff on the wall, most of it has been there for years. The two photographs were hung in May. But the yarn thing, I just put out in the room not too long ago, and I blogged about doing it. So, let me tell you about my wall of happy. No barcode scanners, just faces of people who like me just as I am, then and now, and things I like to look at. Like yarn.


Just under the hat, that’s me with Grandmother and Granddad. Musta been about first grade. I made the doll on the shelf, and I made the cross-stitch above the shelf, too. Moving along the wall, the picture from my junior prom. I keep it there for a couple of reasons. I mean, it serves a dual purpose. I had fun that night, I’m sure, though I remember none of it. But each time I look at it, I am also reminded not to make the same mistakes I made that night. Young people can be so cruel to one another without realizing what they are doing. The large picture is actually a puzzle I put together eons ago. I like it for the old stuff in it. And sliding back to the left, those little mirrors are antiques. There used to be a third one, but I’ve lost it.

On top of the yarn, left to right: Me, just last year. Nothing special about it, I’m wearing a tee shirt in a color that usually makes me look ghastly and a hoodie and no makeup, but something about it, maybe the eyes, or maybe the expression…I just like it. My friend Ang., when we were in Vegas. Somehow we managed to not get a single picture of us together during that entire four days, though we were only out of each other’s sight to go pee. Crazy, huh? Next up, Guitar Guy. I also have no good shots of the two of us. I am to the side in this shot, though, and we were singing karaoke at the last lock-in we did for the youth together. Then me in Vegas, laying on an advertisement for some place. The ad is IN the sidewalk, but it changes, I am not sure how. I laid down on it and asked Jules to take the picture, cause it was just so cool. I guess I am easily impressed. Then dancing with TechRaving in Orlando. There was no official dancing at IZEAfest that year, but I came dressed and wanting to dance, and he kindly obliged. Christine took this shot, and he dipped me not long after she caught it. Finally, me and That One, cutting up and having fun right here at home.

That’s my wall of happy, and you know what? It’s working. I smile every time I look at it.

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  1. I love that… I might need to go looking for a good picture of me as a kid.

    I love the wall of happy too… I was thinking about that this weekend– doing things for yourself that make you happy.

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