Forty Three

So, after such a long freaking hiatus, which I am sure I will be discussing at some point, I’ve come back to tell you that I put all my shoes in my new closet today (yes, we need to discuss that, too) and SRSLYWTF??!!??, I have FORTY THREE pairs of shoes. Forty three, I say, including the pair that was on my feet. What woman in her right mind needs forty three pairs of shoes? Clearly, if I had spent even part of that money on acne treatments, I’d have better skin today. Fortunately for me, my skin has never really given me problems, except during pregnancy, so I get to keep the shoes. Not that I planned to actually get rid of more than three pairs. Of old worn out flip flops. Ahem.

I also dug out old photo albums from back in the day. And back in my parents day, too. Which also bears some discussion, but not right this minute, I’m still reeling a bit from that.

Also, I found my camera a couple days ago.

And yesterday, when I was uploading pics to Walgreens for printing, I remembered that I started a project 365 in January of this year. Back when my house was clean, and I thought I would still be married for the forseeable future and I had goals beyond just getting through and before, before, before. And who would want to see pictorial evidence of a torn up house and like-wise torn up home, and so on, so on, so forth???

BUT, I am formally announcing my intention to Project 365 next year.

And also, still to discuss: massive downsizing of my personal possessions. And gaining free time. And dancing on a fine thin line. And pinkness.

2 thoughts on “Forty Three

  1. 1. I have approximately that many pairs of shoes myself. Maybe a few less, maybe only around 30.

    2. I have REALLY, REALLY, REALLY missed you blogging.

    Love you, Michelle

  2. So, if you have a lot of shoes, and I have half again as many pairs, what des that say about us? I think it says we need to go shopping, because you totally need more shoes.

    And I’ve missed blogging. It’s good to be back.

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