Little Clothes, Little Shoes

That’s me, ya’ll! Well, except for the little shoes part–I’m still a 7.5 there, if you haven’t finished your shopping for me yet, LOL. But I totally hacked off my 16 year old today when I complained that my pants were too loose in the leg. You know, the pair from the girls department. That led to a very disappointing discussion (for her) of the difference between a girl’s 14 and a ladies 14. I still can’t believe the girl wanted my pants. I guess that means my fashion sense has improved a bit, LOL. And do you know the coolest part of fitting into girl’s sizes? The length! Oh my word, the pants are the right length!!!!

girls bootsBut back to shoes, which I am sure you knew we would get back to eventually, cause you know I love me some shoes! Will you look at these girls boots? Aren’t they the cutest things? You know pink is my favorite color, and a fairy, too? I could totally rock that! Too bad for me they only go up to 12.5. I do, however have a little girl who loves pink as much as her mama, and they’d fit her next winter. One of the perks of having many assorted daughters: better living through vicarious footwear! It’s a good life.