Adventures in Crisis Living

No, I’m not having a crisis, just relax. My friend Ang. and I call it “crisis living” when we have so much to accomplish that we have to break our time into chunks so that we can at least hit everything. I haven’t had a day at home since December the 1st, and I won’t get another one until at least next Sunday. Today’s crises include beginning to de-junk the the kitchen (yay, the living room is done, or will be as soon as some friends come get the stuff they’ve laid claim to), laundry (I had to wear pants with paint stains on them to work yesterday), knitting (I’ve received 4 hat requests in the past 36 hours) and blogging (so behind it’s scary, ya’ll). If I work real smart, I ought to be able to hit everything at least twice, since the laundry is done in fits and starts around everything else. And oh yeah, phone time with That One. I can do that while I am knitting 😉 And at this point I am wondering if it’s possible to get free online backup for my life, which is moving way too fast to keep up with my own internal auto-save.

The good news is that I at least have a plan. And right now that plan calls for me to head over to my knitting blog and talk about some hats.