Day 2 of Project 365

So, yeah, I know I really didn’t do much catch up in the last post, but I figured it was about long enough đŸ˜‰

Day 2 of 365

This is my room, late at night. I absolutely love this room. It is so quintessentially me. Wherever my eyes light in this room there is affirmation and peace. Nothing here troubles me and I rest my spirit here as well as my body. My uncle made that cubby. I made those pieces on the wall. One of those was a gift to Grandmother and another was a gift to Grandma and Papa. It is fitting that they have come to rest here on these pink walls. The lights are on all the time in this room for reasons that I will not now explain, and I burn my candles at night, too. Sometimes I light them even in the daytime. I took this picture a little after midnight on what was technically the third, but we are counting it as the second, because I count whatever I do before I go to bed as part of the day it mostly was.

BTW, it’s about time to quit smoking again. Have any of you tried the e cigarette? Is it worth it, or should I just use the method I have used before, which would be the “just stop smoking” kind of way.

One thought on “Day 2 of Project 365

  1. Purple in a room instantly makes me feel warm and happy. It likely doesn’t produce that result in everyone, but I love it.

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