Day 5 of Project 365

On the fifth, I walked out of my room to discover that That Boy had been eaten by the couch during the night. It struck me as funny hilarious, so I snapped the shot, figuring to use it as the picture of the day if nothing else amusing happened. Well, the day pretty much went downhill for me from there, so here he is. Or at least half of him!


Now, my digs aren’t nearly as fancy as condos in panama city beach fl, but I do know how one avoids being eaten by that couch, since I spend so many nights on it myself. I merely forgot to tell him the method when I was showing him where to sleep.

One thought on “Day 5 of Project 365

  1. Does the couch have teeth. If not, you are probably safe (couches have not been known to lick anyone to death, to the best of my knowledge).

    If the couch has teeth…time to invite your dentist over for tea.

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